Sunday, 22 November 2015

Shop: An Interview with Dean and Jeska from The Future Kept...

The Future Kept: An Independent UK based Online Shop

I first discovered The Future Kept via Pinterest. It was the Pink Honey Comb House of Rym Blanket in the above picture that first caught my eye, and after heading over to their site and bagging myself one I have become a huge fan, and thought it was time I shared!!

.... so Moon to Moon caught up with husband and wife duo Dean and Jeska to find out a little more about The Future Kept

What inspired you to open the Future Kept?
For a long time both of us had noticed significant changes in the way that we lived, the items we chose for our home and for every day life, and just felt a strong connection of wanting to do something together that reflected that, and something that was a combination of both of our creative pursuits and combining all the things that we both enjoy.  The Future Kept is part of this journey for us both, our online store with a focus to lead and inspire people to think a little more carefully about the items they have in their lives. By working with talented and independent creatives who create products grounded in meanings and story, we aim to promote the ethos of Buy Less, Buy Better, to connect and form relationships with like-minded folk, and create something which can have a positive impact on how people live, and the environment.

Dean's Choice: Mountain Coffee Mug
What would you say is the style /vibe of the shop?
Ha, that is a tough one! We don’t really fit into one particular aesthetic or style/taste. It is a combination of what we both like, so not overly masculine or feminine, it is more about the individual pieces than too much of a definitive style. We are both always drawn to items that are both useful and beautiful, with timeless qualities or a strong provenance, pieces that are outside of fashions or trends. A lot of the style is influenced by a sort of criteria we have when brining anything new to the store, who makes it, how is it made, where is it made, what does it support. I suppose if you had to call it anything, we have a slightly bohemian/rescued/wabi-sabi/timeless vibe!
The Future Kept: Pop-up shop in West Elm UK

What was the inspiration behind the name?

We wanted something that initially summed up how we feel about how we personally lived, something that was more than just a shop, online store, buying & selling, the name definitely evolved as we worked on one, but The Future Kept just felt right, plus all the domains and social channels were available, which as an online store is of a huge importance. It also had to have a somewhat timeless feel and sound to it, with that being part of the ethos of the store, something that wasn’t particularly strong or to ‘on trend’ wouldn’t have quite sat right with either of us. We still can’t remember which one of us actually came up with it in the end! But I do know that Jeska definitely had the final say and wasn’t budging on the name while I procrastinated for way too long!

What are your 5 Favorite products from the shop?

This is hard, because we basically love everything in the store! :)

British Made Oak Pocket knife

- Dean -
Waxed Canvas Backpack -
English Oak Pocket Knife -
Letterpress Print -
Roam Camera Bag -
Mountain Coffee Mug -

Jeska's Choice: Indigo Remnant Quilt

- Jeska -
Chai Soap -
Liha Beauty Oil -
Indigo Remnant Quilt -
Forest Goddess Print -
Beacon Lambswool Shawl -

Jeska's Choice: Liha Beauty oil

What next for the future kept? Bricks and Mortar shop?

It is hard to say! We would love a space of our own where we could create something that was a bit more community and creatively driven than a normal shop. Being able to pursue the shop full time is something we would definitely love to do (we both work freelance as well still at the moment!) We are looking at doing some more pop-ups next year around the country so that we can travel more and meet more of the people we have been meeting online and through the store, maybe something a little longer than a few days, who knows! Mainly we are just so thankful for the way this first year has gone and the overwhelming feedback and support that really does keep us going every day

If you had the choice of traveling back in time to shop for furnishings for your home what decade would you choose?

Ahhhhh, another tough one! turn of the century late 1800’s for its utilitarian, well worn honestly crafted - frontier cabin style or the 1950’s for a full mid century minimal Danish blowout! One place we have visited and wouldn’t need to travel in time to that kind of sums up our ideal style is Christiania in Copenhagen, the recycled resourcefulness and sheer beauty of that whole area and the houses is completely magical.

Thank You so much to Dean and Jeska for taking time out to talk to Moon to Moon.  The Future Kept can also be found on Instagram, Pinterest, facebook and twitter

xx Gabi

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Home of....Heyoka Leather's Leslie Crow

The home of Leslie Crow is one of my all time favorites from Style Like U. Everything about it is just so perfect and homely. Miles away from city life, like Leslie herself there is nothing pretentious and gentrified about her home. It is a perfect example of a warm, friendly home that has been created with items that are personal to Leslies tastes and serve a purpose.

 “Our generation has an opportunity to go back to a more natural way of life, and that is something that I am very passionate about,”

As a bit of a loner and a disgruntled city dweller, I find Leslie's more simple, more natural way of life really inspirational. I would love to live far away from the city, with a huge garden to keep some animals, grow some crops and let my children run freely and build treehouses. It is clear to see how Leslie creates such beautiful leather goods from this home....

Please view the full interview and images from Style like u and be sure to visit Leslie's amazing, drool worthy leather work over at Heyoka Leather

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Good Karma Is The New Black....

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: Good Karma Sale

I am a big fan of Kim Kranz and all that she does over at The Wild Unknown. I have the most beautiful musical prism that she handmade some years back and of course her beautiful Tarot cards. But not only is Kim a wonderfully creative lady, she is also a kind hearted business woman with  the perfect mixture of admirable ethics, ideas and drive to push them forward.

Her latest idea is the most wonderful movement.... The Good Karma Sale.... I am useless at Paraphrasing so it is over to Kim to explain....

The holidays are approaching. The frenzy of expectations around Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday will soon again have us spinning. Year after year its a weekend that’s left me feeling disconnected and conflicted. Sure... more sales... but in the end its an unfulfilling version of what the holidays are "all about".

Last year we here at The Wild Unknown came up with a solution that went over crazy-ridiculously well (from a sales point of view) and also felt truly awesome in the midst of holiday consumption. We offered a site-wide discount to our customers, and let them know that a percentage of our total sales were being donated to a non-profit cause. We called it a “GOOD KARMA SALE" and it went better than any sale we've run. So this year I’m challenging you to join in. The bigger this movement gets, the more amazing the impact. Imagine it for a moment…
Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown

-------------------WHAT IS A GOOD KARMA SALE?-------------------


-------------------HOW TO RUN A GOOD KARMA SALE-------------------

1. Call it a GOOD KARMA SALE! Stop using the language "Black Friday / Small Business Saturday / Cyber Monday”. Those phrases never felt quite right anyway.

2. Choose a non-profit or charitable organization to give back to.

3. Run any promotion you were planning for the post-Thanksgiving weekend (20% off, buy one get one free, free shipping, maybe nothing at all… this part is up to you.)

4. Commit to donating 5-10% of your total gross sales to the non-profit of your choice (NOT adjusted sales after expenses! Keep it simple, clean, and easy to calculate!)

5. Once your GOOD KARMA SALE is over, donate the proceeds within a week (on or before December 7th). This keeps the momentum going and the gesture swift and clean.

The great news is that some of my favourite shops are taking part including, Bona Drag, Pamela Love, Mara Hoffman, Marble and Milkweed, and IvyIvyIvy.... To see the full, ever increasing list of shops and stores Head over to The Wild Unknown